Tailor-made – to your requirements

Beamer, Projection-chart, Flipchart – but we don´t need the Moderation case!
Our conference flat rates are laid out to cover all of your requirements. Our half-day and full-day rates and differentiation between basic, premium and deluxe models offer possibilities to book only what corresponds with your requirements.

A constructive meeting, promising brainstorming or promotional seminar is only possible when body and soul are supplied with enough vitamins and nutrients are available.
Nothing helps us on our way more than a break.
-Elizabeth Barrett Browning-
Our coffee-breaks are full ovf variety and an absolute eye-catcher. You will have a problem of selection between sweet and savory components:
  • Sandwich-break with freshly baked and diversely coated Ciabatta or
Pretzel-bread with savory turkey-breast and home-made salmon mousse
  • Ratzeburger Treat with a selection of regional and seasonal fresh fruit, Mousse of Lübecker chocolate, Altländer stewed apples with cinnamon crepes and salmon mousse in a spicy wafer as savory components
  • Vital refueling with energy bars, crunchy honey corners with dried cranberries, cereals with fresh local milk and vegetable sticks with aromatic sour-cream & herb dip.