Exclusion of Liability

1.  The pictures, texts and graphics within the websites are protected by copyright. The copyright for published, self-styled objects remain with the hotel “Der Seehof”. No part of the contents of these websites, especially graphics and text, may be used or copied into other electronic or printed Publications without the explicit permission of hotel “Der Seehof”.
2.  The hotel “Der Seehof” incurs no guarantee for the actuality, correctness, totality or quality of the information provided.  Liability Claims against the data, which allude to damages  of a material or non-material nature, through the use or non-use of the  information presented here, respectively caused by the use of faulty and incomplete information, are strictly excluded, provided the hotel “Der Seehof” has no verifiable deliberate blame.
3.  The hotel “Der Seehof” is not liable for the contents of direct or indirect references to external Internet-Sites (“links”), which are outside their area of responsibility. Solely the owner of the site referred to is liable for illegal, erroneous or incomplete contents and especially for damages that incur from the use or non-use of such supplied information. The hotel “Der Seehof” declares explicitly that at the time of link-setting, and according to the hotel knowledge, the relevant lînked sites were  devoid of any illegal contents. Therefore formally distances itself from all contents of linked/associated sites which have been altered since the time of link-setting. This Declaration asserts refers to all links set within the own internet offer.
4.  The hotel “Der Seehof” binds itself to the protection of data privacy. This data privacy statement applies only to the Websites supplied by the hotel “Der Seehof”. It does not apply to the Websites of other Providers which the hotel “Der Seehof” refers to by link. The personal data  placed at our disposal will be used solely for the disclosed purpose
stipulated by you.
5.  In the event that parts or phrasing of this text does not, any longer  or not entirely conform with the prevailing legal norms, the remaining parts of the document remains unaffected in its content and validity .