General Terms and Conditions

All of our activities are subject to the following rules and regulations in addition to the regulations of guest registration agreements of the DEHOGA (German hotel and restaurant association) and are to be recognized by you upon reservation.
The reservation is considered binding  upon written or orally accepted. The acceptance binds the hotel and the guest to fulfillment of the guest registration agreement. Should the reservation be conveyed by a third party, then this party along with the guest is liable to the hotel.
Should a guest fail to claim a booked room, he remains legally bound  to pay the price for the agreed hotel performance, without consideration of the reason for the hindrance. In this case, only the hotel´s actual saving can be deducted, according to experience for bed and breakfast 20% of the arranged cost.
If no other cancellation deadline has been appointed, the following terms will have validity (groups of 20 persons and more excluded):
Cancellation terms:
Up to 6 weeks before arrival:    20%
Up to 2 weeks before arrival:    50%
Thereafter:                                    80%
Please inform us if you intend to arrive after 18:00 hrs. The reservation will be held until 18:00 hrs. Should the guest arrive after 18:00 hrs, the reservation can be guaranteed under the following conditions:
The guest has supplied a credit-card number. The reservation was made in writing and via a company guaranteeing for the reservation and by no-show or in absence of a cancellation, carries the costs.
Rooms can be accessed after 15:00 hrs. Earlier arrivals are only possible upon prior agreement and can not be guaranteed. Please allow us the possibility of providing the next guest with a room as clean and fresh as was placed at your disposal, in vacating your room by 11:00 hrs.
Should disagreement concerning the room price occur, the official price according to the valid pricelist is to be paid.  Payment is to be made upon departure provided no other agreement exists.